Locus Map 4 / Locus Map 3 (Classic/Pro)

Supported features

  • Map panning – smooth
  • Zooming
  • Map Centering
  • Map Orientation
  • Manual route re-calculation (during dynamic navigation)
  • Track recording start/pause
  • Switch to previous map style
  • Enable/disable map overlay (e.g. Satellite imagery)

Planned Features

  • Skip to next waypoint
  • Navigate to predefined location¬†
  • Enable/disable custom dashboard
  • Add waypoint on current location
Specific commands’ map:
  • Track recording start/pause: long press on Map Pan Left
  • Switch to previous map style: long press on Map Pan Down
  • Enable/disable map overlay: long press on Map Pan Up
  • Manual route re-calculation: long press on Zoom out (currently not available on BMW Control – zoom is on a rolling wheel, which cannot be long-pressed)

Known bugs (working on it):

  • none

Something else doesn't work? Please report here: