How to contact us

For technical and other support / questions and issues that you could not get answered through our FAQs or in our manuals, please contact Carpe Iter Support through the Ticketing System

If you need need help with purchase or have questions about your order, please also use the Ticketing System.

Before filing a ticket, please consider checking on our Forum and/or asking general questions possibly of interest also to others there.

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You can also find most up-to-date information in our DevZone.



Carpe Iter is a new brand of devices and equipment aimed primarily at motorcycles and ATVs, with focus on adventure and off-road riders.

Carpe Iter as a name is an analogy to “carpe diem”. But unlike carpe diem, which tells you to enjoy/seize the day, Carpe Iter invites you to make the most of your journey (be it on road paved, unpaved or in the rough stuff).

We are a very small group of motorcycle enthusiasts that enjoy travelling and off-roading, so our stuff is designed by bikers for bikers. Since we use our products ourselves, rest assured that we did our best to make things work not only in a web presentation, but in real life situations, too.