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BMW R/K bikes

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On the 2013+ BMW R/K bikes, the wonder wheel does not broadcast all inputs to the *LINBUS.
It's such a horrific experience compared to the GS bikes I sold my NAV VI when I moved to a K1600.

Would it be possible to package the Adventure control on the new bmw throttle mount? The left side grip is very cluttered, and I don't see how I could mount the Adventure control.


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*The WW will only broadcast on the LINBUS when a Right toggle is performed while the TFT is set to the ‘Nav’ Page. Depending on what line item is highlighted within the ‘Nav’ Page will determine what code a Right toggle will broadcast on the LINBUS. Scrolling within the ‘Nav’ Page will not broadcast a LINBUS code but rather select different line items within the ‘Nav’ Page. Similarly the Left toggle will not broadcast a LINBUS code, but instead exit out of the current TFT page

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Could be. Which is why the BMW Control is specified as compatible with "GS" line. If there is no "GS" on a model starting with "R", it is not supported (which essentially leaves you with R1200, 1250 GS/GSA), plus F - GS/GSA line as long as they have the BMW Multicontroller. Some other models are compatible, though, such as the XR models. K line is not supported. 

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So there's no good way to mount this Adv controller on a '22 1250GS, only option is to go with the BMW Controller on the throttle side?

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@chipk It might be possible to mount using one of our mirror brackets, but you have to measure your mirror stem first to make sure that the bracket would fit. The only other solution we've seen is mounting the adventure control between the mirror and the stock controls. As you can imagine, that puts the controller out of reach. That isn't too great, especially on the right side. Stock BMW controls are hard to move around (often screwed into the bars), that's just BMW being themselves. That is why we developed the BMW Control kit. To make use of the unused handlebar space.

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Hi, is there any way to verify it will work or not at R1250R 2019 with factory navigation preparation and cradle?