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Killer Feature: BMW CAN Bus Accessory Controller

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I am a recent XT2 owner. I have a R1200GS. Does anyone know if the Carpe Iter team is considering expanding the Hub so you can connect and control accessories like adding riding lights and allowing you to control/configure how the brake light reacts when engaged (pulses). At the moment, I am considering purchasing a Hex EZCAN but if the Carpe Iter Hub could do this then I might consider selling my XT2 and getting the Carpe Tablet.

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We've had plans to integrate a power junction into the controller for a while, but never got to the point to actually start developing.  

What ezCAN does is to use signals from the bike CAN BUS to trigger an action from within the ezCAN - it works as an electronic switchboard / junction with the stock bike instruments acting as the triggers. (to avoid misunderstanding - it is a great idea and implementation must have taken them great efforts, because each bike manufacturer has different signals). 

What we were planning to do, however, is to use the controller section to provide signals for the power junction, rather then to tap into the bike can bus. 

Either way, to be able to use the controller for something similar to what ezCAN does, a whole new power section would need to be added (i.e. there is no way to make that work with the current generation). 

Question is, how many people would like to use such a product and for what specific purpose? If there is enough support for something like that in the community, we could start to develop. But honestly, ezCAN is a pretty mature system and generally we like to develop new stuff not done by others, rather than try to compete with already established and well working products.

So now the question is - what benefits do you think it would bring to integrate a power junction into the controller when compared to using the controller and ezCAN as two separate gadgets?