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Anyone that has an account on any Carpe Iter website (including registration for a support ticket), has also an account on this Forum. But only those Forum members that registered for the Forum specifically are publicly listed as Members. If you already have a registration on Carpe Iter website and you want to be publicly listed as Forum Member, please drop email to forum admin - we will add you to the list (we could display all of you, but there will probably be people objecting to that, since they did not provide consent when they were registering. It also works the other way around - if you first register on the Forum, you will automatically also get an account on other Carpe Iter websites.

Navigating, travelling, rally, bike builds

Start discussions and share your thoughts on anything related. What works for each type of riding, what doesn't (that goes both to equipment and application used for any particular riding style or riding purpose). Do you have a nice bike build? Share! Not strictly related to Carpe Iter stuff

Navigating, travelling, rally, bike builds

GPS (GNSS) Navigation how-to

Ask or share how it's done! Which apps are you using and why? How do you make your tracks / plan your trips? What makes your life with GPS good? What makes it bad and how to improve? 



How to set it up, which apps to use and why, rally navigation tips, how rally roadbook works, which rally to take / were taken, and anything else about rally life. Not necessary Carpe Iter related. 



tips and tricks for travelling on a bike (multiday trips) and navigating such a trip successfully. Please try to keep focus on navigation. There are probably better forums for discussing camping,  nice locations to travel to and such like (although nobody will be stopping you either, if you feel like sharing your memorable trips here).