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Hi. I am seriously considering purchasing one of these units. I have only ever used garmin products up until this point, so please excuse my ignorance.

The package comes with the tablet, the mounting bracket, and a power supply. My understanding is that the power supply enables the tablet to be charged through the pogo pins that are integrated into the bracket. Yet I also see statements that this is not and ideal charging arrangement for offroad driving, which is what I would be buying this setup for.

so my question is can I just use the threaded charging port and run the charging cord to the 5v usb power supply I already have on board? And forego the power supply altogether?


thanks 😊 

CarpeMedia April 8, 2024 11:22 am

@wittyhandle Both the pogo pins and the M8 charging cable require the power source, which has two output connectors for this exact reason. Connecting to any other power source could endanger the CI Pad.