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Carpe Iter Newbie. Hi!

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Thought I'd say a quick hello! My name is Ben and I'm new (ish) to the world of Carpe-iter. I've been using an original Ci Controller with an old phone for a couple of years but a couple of months ago got my hands on a Tab 4.


Reallt enjoying it so far, such an impressively versatile bit of kit and great to see new developments and software in the pipeline. 


Here's my setup on the humble 2026 Honda CB500X. It fits beautifully well and tucks into the cockpit really nicely.

Any top tips or apps to try? I've tried DMD, Kurvinger, Calimoto all of which have been great. Spent the day trying the next gen HUD OUT. Looking forward to that progressing with time!



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Posted by: @ben-cordy




Nice setup. I'm using the same quadlock wireless charger