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BMW Control Kit + Power adapter - Few questions

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Hi Guys


First of all, this forum is very weird looks wise...

Now that we got that out of the way 🙂


I have a 2014 R1200GS (non adv) and i am looking to get rid of the Nav5 it has atm.

Based on the research i did i seem to have two real options, Wunderlinq and Carpe Iter Controller.

I ruled out Wunderlinq as its quite bulky and it as a minus, the charging port (not qc compatible, as far as i know)


I am prepared to pull the trigger on the BMW Control Kit, but i have some unanswered questions, please help:

- I see i can order the kit here: - that's ok.

- I saw this video: - I cant seem to find this adapter on the website. Where can I order it?

- Related to the above adapter, can i connect anything to that +/- passthrough cable? like an extra charging socket? Ofc with limitations to what the CANBus offers.

- Setup of the BMW Control buttons allows button customization? To what extent? (I tried installing the app, but wont let me past the Bluetooth connection so i cant see what options are there) I am interested in options for Spotify, like previous, next, volume, start, stop. Any of these can be mapped?

- Is it really plug and play? The bike's firmware has anything to do with it?

- Does the setup work with any random Android device? Lets say an Android 13 phone ?

- Oh and this throttle assembly is compatible with the buttons, right (pic attached)?


Thanks for your answers in advance, really lookin forward to set this up asap, as i got a big trip planned in June, and would like to have it by then !





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The adapter can be found here:

You can connect any 12V accessories to the power out cables on the HUB.

Button customisation is a planned feature, but isn't available yet. The functions you are requesting are implemented in the HUD function. This opens an overlay which allows for media control, volume, brightness...

Yes, it is plug and play. Just make sure to put the wonderwheel in NAV mode (hold menu button), so that the signal is sent to the HUB, and not the display of the bike.

Yes, it should work with any device running at least Android 8. If the device can run the app, then it should be compatible (needs bluetooth of course.)

The mentioned throttle assembly is the compatible type.

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Hi there, I have F850GSA 2019 and now i installed BMW Control Hub + BMW Control Buttons. I putted wonderwheel in NAV mode, so that the signal is sent to the HUB, and not the display of the bike but my carpe-iter not showing information from bike. Do you have any idea where is issue?

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Hi There, I just ordered a full kit with also the 4 button BMW controller and the HUB. I also did order the power source (both the switched and the always on). The question I have (related to above question) if the power output of the Hub has enough power to supply power to the tablet? Or will the CAN bus block it? I could easily connect the power source to a HEX EZcan power supply and power it that way. What is the best option?

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The power output of the BMW HUB is just power passthrough from the navigator connector. It is enough to power the CI Pad (with the power source of course).