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ADV Controler und Radsensor

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Hallo, möchte an den ADV Controler einen Radsensor anschließen.

Habe bisher nicht gefunden welche dort angeschlossen werden kann.

Gehe von einem einfachen reedkontakt aus.

Was muss am CI dann nach Anschluss eingestellt werden um es im Roadbook zu verwenden?

Gruß Rene

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The Adventure Control is meant tio use a two pin sensor. Make sure to read the user manual before installation. After installing the sensor, you must enable the wheel sensor setting in the controller app.

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After scanning the web regarding Reed sensors I will order a Bosch e-bike sensor. 
Realization next weeks. Have some general doubts regarding reed switch sensors - frequency and vibration reliability. 
Only choice in the controller app is „sensor OR GPS“
Has somebody experience with reed sensors, if it looses signals, result could be worse as using GPS?