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GPS drift

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Carpe Iter V4b.20240205, Android 11

Hello. After updating to Android 11 I'm suffering from GPS drift a lot. It's especially problematic around curves, and makes it hard to follow a GPX.

The attached video shows it happening in DMD2, but it's true for any mapping app.

I've tried the GPS Tune many times, which doesn't help.

The lock is rock solid at about 1yd if I'm not moving.!AhrvkSlMN3PsobFtuMveHF7XD1R7IA?e=yoxxTo

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Support Carpe Iter
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We have reached out to DMD2 to solve this issue. We are pretty sure that this issue is happening due to an issue with the kalman algorithm used to approximate location inbetween location pings, and in the event of a location ping missing. Are you sure this is happening in other apps? Can you send us a video of that?

Could you please make a GPS log through the GPS Test app and send the file to us? To perform the log, go to the GPS Test app - settings -  enable run GNSS in background, then go to Logging and output and select the first option, NMEA. A log will be created. Please follow the file path shown on screen and please send us the file. You will probably need to use the same steps to navigate to the file, as if you were trying to find an .apk to install. The process is described here:

Thank you for bringing this up, we hope to help fix this soon.

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@support-carpe-iter hi friends, dmd2 issue still present!! Other NAV apps like Calimoto working fine. I contact DMD couple times without an answer. Forums full with complaints...

Please address this through your channels high priority! I am planning ACT CROATIA in a week time, DMD useless with this bug!!

Thank you

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DMD2's Joao Pereira is working on the issue. Some devices have had the issue resolved in the newest version of the app. Apparently there are some users who still experience this issue even after the update. You can follow the issue in their facebook group. Here is a link to a post which seems to be fairly active.

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Hey there, I am in the same boat with the GPS drift on the CI Pad 44b.

In the related Facebook discussion someone suggested to disable the Google Location Accuracy.

That helped a lot with my device.

Its not spot on like some meters away from my actual position, and sometimes the drift ist still happening, but it ist way better than before.

Cheers, David