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Anyone that has an account on any Carpe Iter website (including registration for a support ticket), has also an account on this Forum. But only those Forum members that registered for the Forum specifically are publicly listed as Members. If you already have a registration on Carpe Iter website and you want to be publicly listed as Forum Member, please drop email to forum admin - we will add you to the list (we could display all of you, but there will probably be people objecting to that, since they did not provide consent when they were registering. It also works the other way around - if you first register on the Forum, you will automatically also get an account on other Carpe Iter websites.

CI Pad (problems)

CI Pad doesn't work the way you expect? If you didn't find answers in the manual, FAQs or on Q&A forum, maybe it can be helped here. Make sure to mention specific CI Pad version you are struggling with in the post title.

Consider before posting, if your problem is on principle something for a forum. This forum is not a support line and certainly not a place to publish your (to be) warranty claims. So if you feel like simply complaining to the world about situation that obviously cannot be helped by the community, this is not the place to do it and such posts will be deleted

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