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Offline Navigation w/out SIM

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Hey all!

Pretty new to the CI Pad, got it for my 890.  Like much more than just my phone!  Been using google maps and lotus so far.  But I have a, probably simple, question that for the life of me I can't figure out.  I'm sure it's a "duhhhh" moment.

I have to be connected to a network to initiate any route.  Once I am out and about if I need to end the route and restart, I have to reconnect to the internet.  I have offline maps downloaded for lotus.  Is this because I don't have a SIM card?

I read through the manual, followed the GPSTune 3 FAQ. Last location interval/accuracy appear to be ticking away.  I tried asking this question on ADVRider but got nothing.

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You don't need a SIM, I use my CI without one. You must have the maps downloaded for the areas you want to navigate to/from but that is all. I have used OrganicMaps, Locus Maps and OsmAnd this way, and even google offline maps.