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Compatible with Chigee AiO5-Lite?

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Just wanted to know if the Carpe controller is/would be compatible with the Chigee system, would be a good way of getting the phone of the bars and mirrored to a screen instead.

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If the system really only mirrors the screen of your phone, then it should work. 

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It would be good if we can get a little more info here. I suspect the OP, like me, will be buying the Carpe Iter Adv based on this answer; as more of these dumb displays come to the market this question will be asked more and more.


So for me im looking at the two common displays, the Chigee AIO5 and the Carpuride 702. They are both proprietary devices (think 'display in a normal car' which support bluetooth and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto).


It would be fantastic to use the Carpe Iter Adv for example with one of these and keep ones mobile phone securely in my pocket.


Given this - If the Carpe Iter Adv is paired with my phone (which is in my pocket) and my phone streaming 'Andorid Auto' to one of the above mentioned screens (mounted on my motorcycle bars), will the Carpe Iter Adv still control for example 'Google Maps'? (which is visible on the Carpuride/Chigee display via Android Auto) - my phone in my pocket will likely have its display off although streaming Android Auto.




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Unfortunately, we do not have experience with that system yet, so we cannot claim anything about compatibility. If the system could install the Controller app, then it would probably work.