CI Pad v4 and v4b operating system update

Update to Android 11 is officially live!

Check the App Shelf in the Manager app. New app will show – Carpe Iter Reflasher. If you cannot see that app, update the Manager app. If update to the Manager app is not showing, please check this FAQ
Install the Carpe Iter Reflasher and follow on screen instructions.
If you are not getting a prompt to grant Super user privileges, you need to access Magisk app and grant the privileges to the Reflasher app manually. Open Magisk, go to Superuser tab (bottom of the page) and make sure Carpe Reflasher is blue (not grey). If you cannot see Magisk in the list of apps, long press on Homescreen, click “Home settings”, then “App Drawer” – Hidden apps and unselect Magisk. This procedure applies to the stock Homescreen launcher app – Lawnchair.  
If you get a time-out error during download, please try again later (too much traffic on the server). 
If your screen changes orientation or goes dark, it might break the “Download” or “Preparation for update” steps. Please go to the Carpe Manager and lock screen orientation and select “Screen Always On” in the Screen options.  
WARNING: all data on CI Pad will be lost. Backup to your computer or cloud storage before you apply the update.
WARNING: if you mounted SD card as internal storage expansion/extension, you must backup also the data on the SD card. If as SD card is mounted as internal storage expansion, it cannot be used again without reformatting (i.e. all data on mounted SD card will be lost too!)
WARNING: remove SD card from CI Pad before performing update. If you mounted your SD card as internal storage expansion/extension, you must unmount it before removing physically from CI Pad
Backing up data and unmounting SD card is general process not specific to CI Pad. If you struggle, please search the web for associated how-to vids/posts. A quick video guide will be posted on this page down below. 
If you struggle with anything, please first check on the Android 11 thread on our forum. Please do NOT file a support ticket unless you will be invited to do so. If you struggle, chances are others might struggle, too. If the problem and solution is discussed on the Forum, everybody will benefit).

What’s new/changed on Android 11: 

Besides the obvious (Android 11 instead of Android 9 operating system), there will be the following basic changes: 

  • updated Webview (no more Kurviger issues)
  • removed rooting (no more Rally Roadbooks by Terrapiata issues)
  • modified charging algorithms (preserved auto-start when power detected and auto shut-down when power lost) 
  • removed battery level indicator override (no more battery level “glitching”)
  • removal of DMD (license for DMD will need to be obtained from DMD developer under the conditions announced by DMD developer)
  • significantly improved GNSS performance (GPS will be much better)
  • Google services fixed – no more contacts’ sync and other issues

There is an odd chance that something will go wrong during the update and you will have to send your device to us for service. That applies in particular in case you deviate from installation instructions (e.g. unmounting/removal of SD card). 

By applying the update, you agree to the above.

Android 11 update installation video:

How to unmount SD card