CI Pad v4 and v4b operating system update

Progress update: We are really sorry for slipping off the time schedule with the planned Android 11 update, but we unfortunately encountered some hurdles with OTA updates for units already in circulation. During testing it turned out that on some units the update doesn’t go through. We are working very hard to resolve this and we sincerely believe that we are only days away from finally cracking that issue. 
Because of this unexpected issue, we are unfortunately behind with other features for Android 11, which will be released subsequently to the first roll-out (you will not need to completely re-install everything again, it will already be standard update like you are used to on your regular cell phone). TO DO list for future update (and features not included on the first roll-out): 
  • Automatic GNSS configuration. We heavily modified the GNSS system driver to better performance. For the changes to take effect, the GNSS chip needs to be re-configured. On first roll-out this will need to be done manually via the pre-installed GPSTune 3 app. Same applies to applying GNSS assist data
  • Hardware compass calibration
  • Auto-start/auto shut-down
  • Battery charging limitation

General information:

Besides the obvious (Android 11 instead of Android 9 operating system), there will be the following basic changes (some features might be implemented subsequently to the primary update release): 

  • updated Webview (no more Kurviger issues)
  • removed rooting (no more Rally Roadbooks by Terrapiata issues)
  • updated charging algorithms
  • updated battery level indicator
  • removal of DMD
  • significantly improved GNSS performance (GPS will be much better)
  • Google services fixed – no more contacts’ sync and other issues

During this update, the CI Pad will be wiped clean – BACK UP any data that you don’t want to loose. Once the update process starts, there is no way to revert it. Unfortunately there is now other way, because we need to reformate the data storage. But in the future this will no longer be necessary, because we also built proper recovery partition

How the update works (what you will not see when you will be updating)