This post will guide you through the process of choosing what suits best your needs. It adds up to the original product page for the CI Pad and the BMW Control KIT. It is not necessary to buy the CI Pad together with the BMW control KIT and vice versa.

If you decide for the CI Pad, it may be purchased within the product ‘Build the KIT and SAVE’ together with all the necessary accessories:

Holder: Active or Passive?

For BMW we recommend the active one which adds the second option of charging – through the pogo pins. That way your tablet starts charging when put into the cradle. No need to screw the M8 connecter all the time.

Power source: Black or red?

The black one turns on when the running engine provides sufficient volatge. However, when connected to the ignition, it makes no difference. Most people get the black one.

Mounting bracket: AMPS base or Short bracket 12?

The stock GPS bar for the Navigator is strong enough to hold the tablet. There are two brackets on the e-shop: the AMPS base and Short bracket 12. The AMPS base is the tightest fit. It places the tablet holder just on the bar. May happen (depending on the rider’s height, windsheild type etc.) the top bar of the TFT will be covered by the tablet. You can see this configuration on our BMW related videos. The Short bracket gets the tablet higher, but also closer to you.


CONTROLLER when the tiniest movement involves your whole day…

The full user experience comes with the BMW Control. No need to have touchscreen compatible gloves, no matter if it rains, no need to stop – you can control your navigation just when you want.

The compatibility is described here:

BMW Control

In short, required attributes are:


The installation is rather simple. Just follow this video:

Don’t forget to:



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