Carpe Iter Next-gen HUD

What is the Carpe Iter Next-gen HUD? Thanks for asking! 

In the current generation of the Carpe Iter Controller app, the HUD (Heads Up Display) is a shortcut interface to additional functions, such as touch lock, media controls and the like. You can check the current version here

Carpe Iter Next-gen HUD is, however, going to seriously expand the feature set and functions of the HUD and will work as the headquarters for anything you might need on the bike: 

  • bike electronic dashboard. In the first stage it will be rolled out for BMW GS bikes in conjunction with the BMW Control. In next stage we will implement support for other bikes through a Bluetooth OBD dongle
  • mini-Homescreen providing shortcuts to your favorite apps
  • ODO meter
  • Maps 
  • Standard track-recording
  • “life log” function (track recording always on, but optimized for power consumption and size of the recorded files. On purpose it will not be as precise as recording a track to use for your trips later, but it will give good enough idea about where and when you’ve been to let you track-back your riding ventures.  
  • Import and export of GPX tracks
  • Media control
  • Quick access to most frequently used settings
  • Electronic Rally Roadbook

And of course all that accessible from your handlebar through our controllers.  

As the work progresses, we will be publishing more details. But there is already the first sneak-peek (btw., if you care to something for us, please subscribe to our YouTube channel – just click the subscribe button on the video below ;-)): 

What we're saving for later

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