Carpe Iter Controller app

Carpe Iter Controller app is a piece of software that elevates Carpe Iter controllers beyond simple Bluetooth keyboard (which is what all other remote controllers you ever saw on a bike are – simple keyboard, just with just fewer keys than the one on your desk or notebook). 
After you made the initial controller connection, the Controller app takes care of first and foremost on-the-fly reconfiguration for each of the supported apps to make sure that everything works as expected without any need for your intervention – all goes automatically on the background.  
The Controller app guides with on-screen instructions through the controller connection process
The Controller app provides a simple on screen configuration interface
And provides access to additional features, such as joystick, orientation and LED configuration in case of Adventure Control and front wheel sensor calibration and testing for both Adventure Control and Terrain Command 
Beyond configuration option, there is our proprietary HUD (“heads up display”), which gives access to additional features, such as touch lock for the case of rain, volume, brightness and media controls. The HUD is optimized for each controller type to give you graphical guidance – the layout of the HUD resembles the layout  of the control elements on the controller (still under development for BMW Control). The HUD is currently also undergoing rapid development, so keep track of our DevZone for latest news;-)