Carpe Iter Adventure Control

Designed primarily for adventure and touring.

Unique hall sensor joystick – no mechanical microswitches to break. Near limitless life. 

Joystick is magnetically centered – no springs to break or fatigue. 

Completely water and dust proof.

Powered directly from the motorcycle 12V electrical system – no batteries and DC converters to worry about.

Customizable joystick sensitivity.

LED buttons – easy orientation at night. 

Customizable LED color.

On-board voltage level reporting through LED color code (check your bike battery condition on the fly).

Front wheel magnetic sensor connectivity for real distance and speed measurements (not dependent on GPS).

Slim design that fits right next to the grip on most bikes.

Easily in your thumb reach – take control without looking. 

Change orientation to your preferred style of control (complemented by orientation settings in the Controller app). 

Set-up and configure easily in the Controller app – no breaking your fingers with trying to press various buttons in specific order to change the configuration.

Default command layout.

Custom user layouts coming soon.

For more details please refer to the manual.