Supported features

In the navigation / follow mode (when stationary – please read below in the “Bugs” section):

  • Map panning
  • Zooming
  • Map Centering
  • Map Orientation

Tested version: 8.5.2

Planned Features

  • none. Additional features depend on support from Calimoto developer. If you want more than currently offered, please drop your request to the Calimoto developer. We did, too. But there is a better chance for enhanced support, if the users ask for it;-)

Known bugs (working on it):

  • since one of the recent Calimoto updates, the app reacts to inputs only when stationary. This does not include only our controllers, but also finger touch inputs. We contacted the Calimoto developer to verify, if this is indented behavior or a bug. In either case, we are trying hard to fix this in cooperation with Calimoto developer ASAP
  • the app sometimes does not re-center on current position. It is a bug in the app, which is beyond our control. Already reported to Calimoto developer

Something else doesn't work? Please report here: