There are two completely different apps – DMD2 and DMD2 beta (if you are wondering why two separate apps are called almost the same, please know that we wonder the same. You need to ask Thork/DMD why).

DMD2 (non-beta) is one of apps preinstalled on CI Pad v4 and v4b. It is not owned by Carpe Iter and Carpe Iter has no control over that app. It is pre-installed on CI Pad Android 9 ROM and it will stay there until the operating system update to Android 11 (ETA August 2023). If you will opt for the update, you will loose DMD2. Even if you will decide to stay on Android 9 just to keep DMD2, please note that DMD2 will never be replaced by DMD2 beta (or whatever it will be called after the beta phase is over), unless you additionally install it manually (Thork/DMD licensing conditions will apply for manual installation).

Because DMD2 beta is an app different from DMD2, the DMD2 pre-installed on CI Pad will not be updated to “beta” (or whatever the app will be called after full roll-out (when the “beta” phase is over).

Also, it appears Thork/DMD guys decided to block our new Terrain Command III and BMW Control on DMD2 and possibly also on DMD2 beta. The communication protocols for Terrain Command III and BMW Control are identical to those on Terrain Command II and Adventure Control. Thork/DMD designed those communication protocols, yet the new controller generations appear not to work with DMD2 (both non-beta and beta). Because all our controllers use exactly the same communication protocols for DMD2 /DMD2 beta and some of them work, while others do not, that should be a clear indication to you that the limitations and restrictions do not come from our side.

As much as we’d love to make everything work also on DMD2/DMD2 beta, we cannot make that happen. DMD2/DMD2 beta are the only apps that actively block controllers and since we have no control over DMD2/DMD2 beta, it is only Thork/DMD team that can help you (if they decide to do so, which so far seems they are not planning to do).

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