If your CI Pad charges through USB and M8 connector, but not through pogo pins, the problems most likely come from one of the following areas:

  1. Pogo pins are worn out: the pogo pins require maintenance – cleaning and greasing. They are moving parts and work pretty much like a piston in an engine. We all know what happens, when you run your engine without oil…
    We will post a more detailed guide soon. In the meantime read our User manual😉
    The only fix is to replace the pogo pins – they are available as spare spare part on our eshop. But you can of course just go with M8 connector and forget the pogo pins.
  2. Wire is is broken or connector undone – check all wires and connectors. Consider applying grease for contacts on the connectors before you mate them again. If you do not have anything better, quality white lithium grease will also work.
  3. Holder is bent and the pogo pins are not properly mating with CI Pad: To check, look from the side of the holder – there is a small gap which should let you see if the pins are mated or not. If everything is right, you don’t see any pogo pins;-). If the holder is bent, try to straighten it or get a new one.
  4. If you do not have M8 connector to check, if the problem comes from pogo pins only or is generally related to charging, check search FAQs for “No charging on motorcycle”.
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