In case you are having persistent software issues that cannot be fixed (please search our FAQs for a specific problem you might be having), you might have to reinstall the operating system on CI Pad and start over.

Before you start resetting and reinstalling things, consider the gravity of your issues – reinstallation should always be the solution of last resort for issues you simple cannot live with. Not something you do every day / frequently, because it can bring issues on it’s own. If nothing else, you are starting clean, which means you loose your data and will need to install all apps again.

Also consider the Android 11 update for v4 and v4b units – all will be wiped during the update and it is very likely that whatever issues you are having now will go away after the update.

So now, if you are really convinced you absolutely have to reinstall the CI Pad right now, here is how to do it on v4 and v4b units:

  1. Do NOT use “Erase all data (factory reset) option” in the system settings (Reset options).
  2. Make sure the CI Pad is charged to at least 60%.
  3. Go to the Carpe Manager app – Repair&Update tab and select Re-install&Reset option.
  4. Once you confirm the reset a download will start, following which the process is fully automated.
  5. It will take minimum 10 minutes, but possibly longer depending on how fast the download will be – a massive installation file is downloaded to CI Pad to make sure the installation comes from a correct and uncorrupted installation file.
  6. Do NOT use CI Pad until the re-installation completes – once the download start, simply put it down on the table and leave it be until the process completes.
  7. Do NOT power down CI Pad during the process and do NOT disconnect it from internet.
  8. If the screen saver is enabled on your CI Pad, the screen might go dark during the process – do not worry about it, the installation continues on the background.
  9. The CI Pad will reboot during the process.
  10. The process is completed, when you see normal CI Pad Homescreen.

For the case you actually did use “Erase all data (factory reset)” option in the system settings (Reset options), you need to finalize the configuration as explained in this video. After you complete the configuration you also need to go through the re-installation through the Carpe Manager as explained above or bunch of things will not be working.

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