For the case you locked yourself out by setting a PIN or other security while forgetting what your credentials were, you will need to perform factory reset in the recovery mode. This is how to do it:

The CI Pad must be off (to make sure, press the reset button) and it must NOT be connected to charging. USB must be unplugged from a charger or your PC. If the battery is low (below 20%) charge the CI Pad to at least 50% before you continue (don’t forget to unplug it from the charger before you continue).

  1. Press and hold power button with the volume down button for 10 seconds (to enter the recovery mode)
  2. Release
  3. Wait a few seconds for recovery menu to open
  4. Scroll down by pressing volume down button to “clear eMMC”
  5. Select by pressing power button
  6. Tablet will perform factory reset


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