If you are having GPS issues, first of all check that the Google Assisted Location is turned off in the system “Location” settings under the “Advanced” tab. Some apps are by default trying to turn this function on, especially the Google Maps. So if something asks “Do you want to use Google Assisted location to improve your position lock” or something along those lines, respectfully decline.

For v4 and v4b units we are implementing Google Assisted location support, so you will be able to use that Android function after the update.

If that did not help:

  1. Check that the GPS antenna is not covered. The antenna will be covered, if you inserted CI Pad into the Holder up-side-down. The GPS antenna is next to the M8 connector, in the middle of the short CI Pad side.
  2. on v3 and v4 units you can try to reset the GNSS chip through the GPSTune app, if you have it on your unit (not all CI Pad units have access to that app)
  3. on v4 and v4b units consider updating to Android 11. The GPS is completely reworked and it works a lot better.

GPS antenna location:

Before you start resetting and experimenting with GPS, please make sure the problem really is general. If you have an issue with GPS only sometimes and/or only in some locations, it is probably caused by weak GPS signal and you should just leave the GPS alone, because you might do more damage than good, especially if you try to experiment with some awkward third party apps promising to improve your GPS (they generally don’t do anything and if they do, it is usually to the worse).

GPS signal is generally weak (and your position lock might not be precise and/or it will take a long time to achieve the position lock) in the following situation:

  1. there is only a limited view of the sky (tall buildings around narrow street, deep valleys surrounded by high hills/slopes)
  2. heavy rain clouds, storm, heavy rain (water generally blocks GPS signal)
  3. high solar activity (ruins precision even with good signal)
  4. GNSS systems are intentionally disrupted. This can happen locally and in some cases even globally. You can search the web for GPS disruptions – there are communities actually keeping track of these events. It usually relates to wars and similar conflicts around the globe or protection of specific high value (usually military) facilities