If your CI Pad is not charging EVER from any of the ports (USB, pogo pin, M8 cable), the charging circuitry is burnt and there is nothing to be done about it remotely. Please file support ticket and indicate that you were invited to do so in our FAQs.

There are two typical causes for burnt charging circuitry: 

  1. you cut and spliced cables and/or connectors between the CI Pad and Carpe Iter Power source and while doing that, you reversed polarity. Damage can happen instantly, so even though you may have corrected the polarity later, the damage was already done. 
  2. you bypassed the Carpe Iter Power source for CI Pad completely and connected CI Pad directly to 12V on your motorcycle (motorcycle battery or auxiliary power outlet on your bike). 

Please note that doing either of the two things above voided your warranty. 

For other charging issues, please check other FAQs, which are covering other scenarios (no charging through pogo pins, no charging through USB, no charging through M8 cable, charging vs battery level indicator)