CI Pad is not designed to be kept on your bike all the time. You should take it off even when just parking the bike over night.

There are several reasons:

  1. There is something called reverse current – if you keep CI Pad connected to a power source that is not powered, it will slowly drain CI Pad battery. That applies to any power source, not just our power source for motorcycles – the same will happen if you keep the CI Pad connected to your USB wall charger, but unplug the charger from the wall socket. Or if you forget the CI Pad connected to your laptop and the laptop shuts down – the laptop starts draining power from the CI Pad and in this specific case the damage to CI Pad battery can actually happen very quickly. Even during one night with CI Pad fully charged.

    If you keep CI Pad being drained like that long enough, the CI Pad battery will get completely depleted and you will not be able to charge it again.

    So if you heard users say: “I just came to my bike one day and CI Pad did not start”, that’s exactly what happened to them. The only fix is to send the CI Pad to us for repair service.
  2. CI Pad is not designed to withstand the elements permanently. If you keep it exposed to hot summer sun or winter cold all the time, it will eventually quit on you. These limitations are clearly stated in the User manual.