If your particular bootloop is caused by the power button, this is what do to:

  1. Remove the metal plate covering the buttons.
  2. Remove the silicone membrane covering the buttons.
  3. Make sure there is no water, mud or debris under the membrane – wipe it dry/clean with a soft dry cloth / paper napkin.
  4. Apply silicone oil generously. If there was dust or mud under the silicone membrane, wipe the applied silicone oil clean with dry cloth or paper towel/napkin and repeat the process until the buttons a completely clean.
  5. If you are using silicone spray, let it sit until the propelling agent completely evaporates (at least 10 minutes) before you will put the silicone membrane back.
  6. Put the silicone membrane and metal plate back.

You can use the above procedure also as a pre-caution to prevent problems with the buttons in the future.

Please watch this video how its done.

If the bootloop is caused by water getting inside the CI Pad, there is really not much you can do besides opening all the ports and letting the water evaporate. You can help it by using hair dryer set to low and blow air into one of the ports.