There are three possible causes:

  1. Damaged operating system. That usually only happens when you are trying to perform the “Erase all data (factory reset) through the system Reset option (which you should NOT do – search the FAQs for CI Pad reset), while the battery is low on your CI Pad and it runs out of power before the reinstallation can complete. There is no other fix but sending it to us for a complete operating system re-flash
  2. Water entered inside the CI Pad and is causing short circuit somewhere. If you suspect this could be the case, open all port seals and keep CI Pad in a dry, warm place to let the water evaporate. If you are lucky, the CI Pad will come to live. Do NOT try to charge CI Pad when you suspect water could have gotten inside (problems started during or shortly after heavy rain) or you will cause more damage.
  3. Power button is being constantly pressed, which can happen by the button being damaged, the silicone membrane covering the button moved out of place and is pressing onto the button or water got inside (this is covered in a separate FAQ).

We have users showing us bootloop, while they actively hold down the power button with their finger. If you do that, the CI Pad will bootloop, because that is a function, not a problem. When you hold down the power button, you are telling CI Pad to start up. But when you keep the power button pressed, you are telling the CI Pad to shut down. So as soon as at least the very basic parts of the operating system load (you get our logo on the boot screen), CI Pad starts thinking you want to shut it down, because you keep the button pressed. So please, don’t do this!

If the bootloop is kept going long enough, it will completely drain the battery and possibly destroy it. When that happens, you will not be able to charge CI Pad again and it will appear to be dead. The only solution for this is to send it back to us for repair. So, please, try to avoid bootlooping CI Pad and when it happens, try to stop it as soon as you can (there is a specific FAQ on this).

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