There is a distinct difference between battery level indicator glitch and a charging issue.

How to tell the difference?

Go to the Power&Charge tab in the Carpe Manager app and compare reported voltage to the “Corrected” value. Fully depleted battery that would in theory show 0% will be 3,4V. Fully charged battery that would in theory show 100% would be at 4.2V (give or take).

So if you for instance see 4.0V, but the Corrected is telling you 30%, the indicator is wrong.

The “Corrected” value is our own non-stock battery level indicator. It has auto-calibrating feature and the calibration routine might start at 100% regardless the actual battery level. Just give it a few minutes to its magic – it will for sure settle to the correct value after a short while.

If you charged your CI Pad while it was off, our battery level indicator will also be wrong, because the last known battery level changed since the last time CI Pad was turned on. In that case our battery level indicator might start calibrating lower than what corresponds to the real value and slowly (within a few minutes) make it up to the real value.

How can you tell that the indicator is calibrating? When you see battery level at 100% and going down rapidly, that’s that – it is just calibrating. And similarly, when you see the battery level low and going up rapidly, that’s also that 😀

To sum up, if the CI Pad is connected to a power source and voltage is going up, there is no charging issue regardless what the battery level indicator is saying and there is no need to file a support ticket.

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