Will a controller work with an iOS device?

Unfortunately, not. iOS is very strict enviroment from the developers view. Thus, it will never be equal to the Android when it comes to range of functions with our controllers. In fact, only Osmand and Guru maps of the supported apps list would work. Even tho we are preparing to spread our support to iOS, […]

Width of the Adventure Controller

What is the width of the Adventure Controller? I need to be confident that I will have sufficient space between the hand grip and my Multistrada switch block to install the Adventure Controller. Thank you for your assistance. — It is 22mm. Make sure it is possible to move the stock components freely. Sometimes they […]

A button of a controller doesn’t work as expected

If you use any 3rd party keyboard or any app that works as a keymapper, turn back to the stock one or uninstall it.   If it doesn’t help, please contatct the support via a ticket while answering the following questions: Run the Controller app – Settings – Test. Is the button recognised correctly? Is […]

Can I purchase the CI Control?

No. It was discontinued and replaced by the Adventure Control. We don’t have a single one left. You can only buy some spare parts on the e-shop.

There’s no shipping method in the checkout

If the shipping method does not appear after you fill your shipping details chances are that you filled it wrong. Please check again. If you find your input correct and the shipping is still not available, then it is in a format not accepted by the logistic companies (mostly FedEx). Don’t use slash / dash […]