Carpe Iter controllers compatibility with DMD2

DMD2 compatibility is not something under our control, but DMD2 is compatible with Carpe Iter controllers at the moment. In DMD2 v3 there is a new configuration interface that ensures compatibility:  

Controller disconnected

The controller could actually be disconnected – you can check in the device Bluetooth manager. If it is disconnected, check that the controller is powered and is not connecting to another device you may have paired it with previously. If the controller is actually connected, but the Controller app claims it is not, read further. […]

Width of the Adventure Controller

What is the width of the Adventure Controller? I need to be confident that I will have sufficient space between the hand grip and my Multistrada switch block to install the Adventure Controller. Thank you for your assistance. — It is 22mm. Make sure it is possible to move the stock components freely. Sometimes they […]

A button of a controller doesn’t work as expected

If you use any 3rd party keyboard or any app that works as a keymapper, turn back to the stock one or uninstall it.   If it doesn’t help, please contact the support via a ticket while answering the following questions: Run the Controller app – Settings – Test. Is the button recognized correctly? Is […]

On-screen keyboard doesn’t show

If your on-screen keyboard disappeared after you connected Carpe Iter Controller, you need to re-enable it in the device settings (this is standard behavior of Android devices, when a hardware keyboard is connected. One of many functions of our controllers is hardware keyboard): Simple way: Scroll down the notification bar. Tap the notifications “configure physical […]

Can I purchase the CI Control?

No. It was discontinued and replaced by the Adventure Control. We don’t have a single one left. You can only buy some spare parts on the e-shop.

Controller connection issues

Step-by-step guide with pictures to follow is here. In case you are struggling with connection after several attempts, make sure you delete (“forget”) all the existing connections before you follow the manual above. Also, make sure the controller is not trying to connect to another device (such as previously paired smartphone). It is worth turning […]

What’s with DMD

DMD2 (non-beta) is one of the apps preinstalled on CI Pad v4 and v4b running Android 9. It is not owned by Carpe Iter and Carpe Iter has no control over that app. The pre-installed DMD2 app is removed during the update to Android 11. Even if you will decide to stay on Android 9 […]

Joystick keeps “scrolling”

If the joystick on Adventure is scrolling / panning the map even through you are not touching it, go to Settings in the Controller app and adjust sensitivity – reduce it in the direction you are getting the unwanted movement until it stops. Alternatively: Disconnect it from the battery. Let the capacitors discharge (30min). Delete/forget […]