Lawnchair has stopped

Change the home app to DMD the way it is described in this video. In DMD open Google Play Store and search Lawnchair 2. Install and open Lawnchair 2. Now the tricky part: It will ask you to choose home app but both are identical. It will probably be the second one. You will realize […]

Carpe Manager download is endless

To fix it you will need to externally download the updated version of the Manager app. Please follow these 3 simple steps: download the file here: directly to the CI Pad or to your PC and load it to the CI Pad via USB. find the file in the File Manager, click on the […]

Kurviger doesn’t work on CI Pad

Hotfix for CI Pad v4 and v4b. Global fix is implemented in Android 11 update. Applicable to Kurviger version 3.0. and up: Video tutorial here: Before you begin: Step by step: Controller support: Make sure you use the latest Controller app version to be able to use our controllers with the new Kurviger […]

CI Pad does not turn on/off automatically

This is in fact an experimental function and might not work reliably. This (just like most other) features will be completely overhauled on new Android 11 update, so please hold on (and please do not ask for support for this feature until the Android 11 update is rolled-out).

CI Pad v3 Google certification

If you erased all data (AKA Factory Reset) of CI Pad v3, you will need to manually re-certify with Google. Please follow the manual and you can also watch video on our YouTube channel.

What’s with DMD

There are two completely different apps – DMD2 and DMD2 beta (if you are wondering why two separate apps are called almost the same, please know that we wonder the same. You need to ask Thork/DMD why). DMD2 (non-beta) is one of apps preinstalled on CI Pad v4 and v4b. It is not owned by […]

Do I have to use DMD on CI Pad

Absolutely not. DMD2 is just one of the pre-installed apps and you can use anything else. Here is a video guide, how to disable DMD2 as the default Home screen launcher on CI Pad. Go to System Settings (swipe down twice to reveal notification area, click on the small cogwheel on the right), search for […]


If you are having GPS issues, first of all check that the Google Assisted Location is turned off in the system “Location” settings under the “Advanced” tab. Some apps are by default trying to turn this function on, especially the Google Maps. So if something asks “Do you want to use Google Assisted location to […]

Can I keep CI Pad on my bike permanently

NO. CI Pad is not designed to be kept on your bike all the time. You should take it off even when just parking the bike over night. There are several reasons: