Charging Indicator Explained

You may have noticed that sometimes the battery level starts at 100% and then goes down rapidly. That means the indicator is just calibrating. Simply give it a few minutes and it will settle down. Why we did that? Stock Android indicator is designed for other use scenario. When you look at how you use […]

Battery level indicator vs charging issue

There is a distinct difference between battery level indicator glitch and a charging issue. How to tell the difference? Go to the Power&Charge tab in the Carpe Manager app and compare reported voltage to the “Corrected” value. Fully depleted battery that would in theory show 0% will be 3,4V. Fully charged battery that would in […]

Charging – debugging software issues

If you excluded hardware issues (search FAQs for “charging”) and battery level indicator issues (search FAQs for “battery level”) and your CI Pad battery level still goes below 50% regularly, there might be a software glitch in the charging service. Here is a video guide, how to fix it. Alternatively, just turn off AI Charge […]

Charging – identifying the culprit

How to tell if the charging issues are software or hardware: Charging algorithms explained: To sum it up, if your battery does not drop below 50% while being connected to a power source, stop worrying about it – everything is fine;-).

Charging – something is wrong

Before you start hunting down ghosts, it is important to identify if the problem generally falls within software or hardware side of things. How to tell the difference? Connect CI Pad to a power source (USB wall charger or Carpe Lightweight holder with your bike started) and check the Power&Charge tab in the Carpe Manager […]

No charging through M8 connector

If the CI Pad is charging through the USB and pogo pins and not through M8 connector that can only be caused by broken internal wiring in CI Pad. All cases we saw so far were cause by the user twisting the M8 cable around (that’s why you get the M8 cable brackets for the […]

No charging on motorcycle

We are talking here about NO charging – if your CI Pad does not drop below 50% of battery, don’t worry about it and just keep riding. In case CI Pad is charging through USB, but it is charging neither through the pogo pins nor M8 connector, the problem is between our power source and […]

No charging through pogo pins

If your CI Pad charges through USB and M8 connector, but not through pogo pins, the problems most likely come from one of the following areas:

No Charging through USB

If your CI Pad can charge through pogo pins or M8 connector, but not through USB port, the fuse was burned on the USB port. In that case it connection to a PC through the USB port will not work either (please test before submitting a support ticket). This cannot be resolved remotely. Please fileĀ support […]