Controller app updates – change log

v2.982: February 2024

  • new Rally Roadbooks by Terrapirata profiles for Adventure Ctrl, Terrain Command III (and most II) and BMW Control
  • FW update

v2.98: February 2024

  • added support for Next-get HUD
  • FW update

v2.97: January 2024

  • general improvements

v2.96: January 2024

  • bug fixes in MyRoute app profile

v2.94: November 2024

  • improved Idle mode on Adventure Control (LEDs out first, transition to Idle delayed and independent from voltage levels = Idle mode will work also on LiFePo equipped bikes)
  • front wheel sensor revolutions detection fixed
  • testing front wheel sensor Calibration and testing ODO fixed
  • improved HUD behavior on Homescreen and in-app


  • added support for Myroute-app
  • added support for TomTom Go Ride
  • added support for Garmin Tread Overlander native navigation app
  • improved idle mode for Adventure Control
  • specific keycode maps for Piste Roadbook Reader and Roadbook Rally Reader


  • fixed Calimoto zooming logic
  • fixed Calimoto re-centering and map orientation (the re-centering feature is still not 100% reliable, but that is caused by a bug in Calimoto code. Already reported to Calimoto developer)
  • optimized idle mode for Adventure Control (goes to idle after 10 minutes of voltage below 13V or 2 hours of inactivity)
  • fixed HUD open command bug (in some situations HUD opened and closed again immediately)


  • implementation of advanced features for Locus Map (map toggle, map overlay toggle, start/pause track-recording)
  • improved zooming action for Google Maps


  • added support for rally buttons to Terrain Command II
  • implementation of long presses on BMW Multicontroller (left / right)


  • added support for rally buttons to Terrain Command III
  • improvements /  fixes for Supported apps control


  • added support for BMW Control
  • fixed front wheel sensor detection


  • added support for Terrain Command III
  • improvements /  fixes for Supported apps control